The First Regulatory Sandbox P

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  • 2020-06-09
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China Development Financial Holding Corporation(2883-TW) Chairman Chang Chia-juch and Chunghwa Telecom Chairman Zheng You (2412-TW) jointly announced on Friday that the two companies will launch “Mobile Identity Certification Loan”. It will be Taiwan’s first experimental project under the so-called Regulatory Sandbox.

The First Regulatory Sandbox P

Through “Mobile Identity Certification Loan”, the process of applying loan online is simplified. It is the first innovation experimental domestic project using fintech and will be launched on December 5th. During the experimental period, only 4000 applications will be approved. It is expected that micro and small business entrepreneurs might be benefited from this project. KGI Securities and China Life Insurance will also follow suit.

The mobile phone identity certification can simplify the online loan applying process. Through the convenient and much easier credit checking process, young generation will be able to get loan in a reasonable price.

The new project targeted those who are Chunghwa Telecom’s users but not yet a customer of KGI Securities. Zhou Guojie, senior vice president of the Development Finance and Technology Finance Division, said the product is the first case to use the telecom mobile identity certification. As long as the applicant is Chunghwa Telecom mobile user and not a KGI customer yet, he or she will be able to complete online application through mobile phone in just 3 minutes.

For example, when a customer enters information on a mobile phone, the mobile identity authentication platform will verify the personal data and the SIM card at the same time. Then, the system will verify whether the identification the applicant provided are same as the data that Chunghwa Telecom holds.

In addition, during the verification process, KGI and Chunghwa Telecom's system will adopt"two-way verification". All the information transmit between customer and the platform will be SSL secured, which is in line with the principle of confidentiality.